#msnobutts campaign outfits

#msnobutts brings fresh attitude to the cigarette butt litter campaign.

Project information

  • Name: #msnobutts campaign outfits
  • Lead: City of Greater Dandenong
  • Location: Seven Victorian municipalities
  • Themes: cigarette butt litter; #msnobutts; video; local laws enforcement

#msnobutts is looking fresh. After a full makeover, #msnobutts and her eight twin sisters hit the campaign trail to convince Victorians to dispose of cigarette butts properly.

Woman wearing a cigarette butt costume, flanked by two police officers“Most councils in Victoria are working on cigarette butt litter issues in one way or another,” said Amy McLoughlin, Litter Prevention Officer at the City of Greater Dandenong. “We wanted to make the most of previous campaign materials and make them available across multiple council areas.

“Not only would this give councils access to a full campaign at minimal cost, it would reinforce consistent messaging to community members throughout neighbouring municipalities.”

Making over #msnobutts

“We took the existing #msnobutts and gave her a makeover,” said Amy. “The original suits were made more than 10 years ago and have been very well used and well loved during their life. We wanted to revamp the suits and bring them into the 21st century – including newer health and safety requirements.

“After a lengthy design and approval process, we came up with a tried and tested mascot suit. By choosing a different supplier, we managed to get nine suits made, where we had originally budgeted for two, which was a great result.

“We gave each of our partners a free suit and all campaign materials. This included the #msnobutts videos and the previously designed ‘no butts about it’ sign design.”

Watch the video

“We also gave a suit to Sustainability Victoria to share with any councils that want to be part of the #msnobutts program in the future.”

“Councils have access and permission to embed the videos on their websites. Other materials including signs and slogans can be personalised with their own logos.

“We promoted the campaign to other councils and used any opportunity to talk about our project successes.

“We had four councils on board at the start of the project, although one withdrew early on. Three more came on board towards the end of the project, making six councils in total.”

A winning result

“We really like that we’ve managed to take advantage of existing campaign materials and multiply them across several council areas, so they can be used without us being directly involved,’ said Amy. “And in return, all of us benefit from consistent messaging being used in more places in Victoria.

“So it was amazing to be recognised in the Sustainable Cities Awards 2017, where we won the Litter Prevention category for our #msnobutts campaign.

“I think this project does show an appetite for more statewide litter campaigns for Victorian councils. Perhaps with more funding at the state level, we could get more social and mainstream media support and reach even more people.

“It was challenging to work with so many other councils. If the state government was to facilitate this kind of project, this would reduce the pressure on individual councils and possibly increase interest from other councils.”

Next steps

“There’s no expiry date on this project,” explained Amy. “The suits are made and all the materials are available. If other councils want to get involved they have a preapproved, tried-and-tested, mascot suit design ready to order. Delivery takes about four to six weeks and the suit should cost no more than $2,500.

“We will keep sharing this campaign as part of our everyday litter prevention messaging and #msnobutts will make regular appearances at community events like the Dandenong Show and the Sustainability Festival Event.

“We also plan to screen the #msnobutts ‘No butts about it, nature is not your ashtray’ video at Reading Cinemas in Dandenong Plaza. The video will be screened before every movie on all six screens for three months.

“The council is paying for this but we are invested in the #msnobutts campaign. The video will be screened 210 times each week, which exposes roughly 25 per cent (75,000) of the cinema’s yearly patrons to the anti-butt litter message and #msnobutts campaign.

“We hope to see #msnobutts popping up across all of Victoria. Getting people to bin their butts would be a huge win for our environment now and in the future.”

More information

Contact Amy McLoughlin, Litter Prevention Officer at the City of Greater Dandenong on (03) 8571 1506 or email Amy.mcloughlin@cgd.vic.gov.au