Circular Economy Infrastructure Fund: Materials – Funded projects

Last updated: 21 September 2022
Number of recipients to date: 5
Total funding awarded to date: $5,233,690
All projects to be completed by: March 2024
Prior to 1 July 2022, this fund was named the Recycling Victoria Infrastructure Fund: Materials.

The Circular Economy Infrastructure Fund: Materials stream supports infrastructure projects that increase capacity and improve the recovery of paper and cardboard, plastics, glass, tyres, organics and textiles.

$5.23 million has been awarded to 5 infrastructure projects that will increase Victoria’s capacity to process and recycle glass, organic and textile waste from the state.

The funded projects will create more than 61 new ongoing full-time jobs and increase processing capacity for these materials by up to 270,000 tonnes per year, as well as increasing the quality of recycled glass and organics products for reuse.

For background, view the Materials recycling infrastructure funding guidelines.

Fund recipients

Citywide Service Solutions Pty Ltd

Citywide will build a new facility in West Melbourne to recycle glass into glass sand and glass fines, which will be used in roads or turned into products like fibreglass.

Funding: $582,400

Pinegro Products Pty Ltd

An enclosed composting facility will be built in Gippsland to process kerbside food organics, garden organics, and commercial food waste.

Funding: $2,000,000

Rural City of Wangaratta

The funding will be used to expand the processing capacity of the Wangaratta Organics Processing Facility.

Funding: $381,000

Van Schaik’s Bio Gro Pty Ltd

Bio Gro will establish a new Regional Organics Recovery Facility in the Colac Otway region to process kerbside and commercial organics.

Funding: $1,669,500

Van Schaik’s Bio Gro Pty Ltd

The funding will be used to expand the processing capacity of Bio Gro’s Dandenong South Organics Processing Facility.

Funding: $600,790

More information

This grant program is closed, but you can email us if you have any queries.