7 Star Homes Program

Last updated: 6 September 2022

The 7 Star Homes program works with businesses and individuals across the building and construction supply chain to increase capability and capacity for delivering energy-efficient homes.

With proposed changes to the National Construction Code forecast for 2022, the 7 Star Homes program accelerates the transition to 7-star homes by:

  • offering financial rebates to assist with upgrade costs
  • providing training so that individuals and businesses have the skills and capabilities required to deliver more energy-efficient homes.

A limited number of rebates are available. To learn more visit Stream A: Rebates or view the list of builders and land developers already collaborating with us to build 7-star homes.

About the program

Sustainability Victoria’s 7 Star Homes program is a $2.19 million project as part of the 2020-21 State Budget measure Clean Energy Transition Initiatives. The program builds capability and capacity within the residential building market in preparedness for an increase to minimum energy-efficiency standards.

Building on the success and learnings of the Zero Net Carbon Homes pilot program, 7 Star Homes supports builders and land developers to bring market leading, energy-efficient homes to consumers. These homes are designed on the principle that a great home design can reduce the amount of energy required to keep a home comfortable with little or no additional construction cost.