Heat your home efficiently

Last updated: 19 May 2023

In Victoria, heating systems are essential for keeping your home comfortable and your family healthy on the coldest days, but passive techniques such as draught proofing, insulation and window treatments significantly reduce the energy required to keep a house warm.

Optimising the thermal performance of your home will greatly reduce your reliance on active heating systems, helping to reduce costs and to ensure your home is more resilient to extreme temperatures. CSIRO data on NatHERS star ratings indicate that 65.4% of homes in Victoria rate 2 stars or below, meaning there is significant scope for thermal performance upgrades.

Data from the Victorian Healthy Homes Program indicates that a relatively minor upgrade (which could include insulation, draught sealing, window furnishings and servicing or replacement of old heaters) had wide-ranging benefits over the winter period. Average cost of the upgrade was $2,809. Indoor temperature was significantly increased, while gas use was significantly reduced, and householders reported greater warmth and a reduction in condensation. Importantly, householders' quality of life increased and their healthcare costs were reduced by $887 over the winter period.

Making changes to heat your home more efficiently can:

  • lower your heating costs by up to 40%
  • create a consistent comfortable temperature in your home
  • lower your greenhouse gas emissions.

This guide to heating your home efficiently will look at thermal performance improvements to keep the heat in, and provide tips to ensure your heating system is operating efficiently.

Minimise heat loss in your home

The ability to minimise heat loss in your home over winter and reduce your energy consumption and costs is dependent on the thermal performance of your home. Taking steps to improve your homes thermal envelope will ensure you stay warmer for longer and ensure your heating system is able to operate efficiently.

Use your heating system efficiently

Making improvements to the thermal performance of your home by sealing draughts and updating insulation can help to keep your home more comfortable and minimise the need to use heating on all but the coldest days. It will also help to ensure your heating system operates more efficiently.

When using your heater, the following tips will ensure you are operating it efficiently and greatly reduce energy costs.