Infrastructure and jobs boost for Victoria’s recycling sector

Published: 29 September 2022

Through a joint investment from the Australian and Victorian Government, 10 new recycling infrastructure projects will receive more than $15 million in funding to accelerate Victoria towards a sustainable future, turbocharging local capacity to recycle and reuse items destined for landfill – from food scraps to soft plastics.

The grant recipients announced today, will receive funding from 3 different funds:

The funded projects will support 190 local jobs during construction and a further 75 ongoing positions.

Over the next decade, Victoria will cut waste generation by 15% and halve food and organic waste going to landfill under the Victorian Government’s $380 million circular economy policy – an action plan to transform the state’s recycling sector.

Grant recipients

Central Gippsland Regional Water

Project: Scale up an existing organic waste processing facility to enable additional diversion of wastes from landfill

Funding: $4.8 million

Cleanaway Solids Waste Pty Ltd

Project: Upgrade Thurla transfer station to a composting facility that will process local FOGO waste

Funding: $1.9 million

Sacyr Environment Australia Pty Ltd

Project: Upgrade equipment at the Dandenong facility to improve product quality and reduce contamination

Funding: $1.5 million

Pinegro Products Pty Ltd

Project: Upgrade Mt Wallace facility to accept Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) waste

Funding: $1.1 million

Ileowl Pty Ltd (trading as Greenchip Recycling)

Project: Build infrastructure capable of value-adding to fines produced in current composting operations

Funding: $700,000

Manningtree Corporation Pty Ltd

Project: Expand capacity at Elmore Compost and Organics facility

Funding: $375,000

Swan Hill Rural City Council

Project: Expand the council’s existing open window composting facility to an in-vessel facility

Funding: $961,400

IQ Renew Pty Ltd

Project: Victoria Soft Plastics Engineered Commodity (SPEC) Project

Funding: $3 million

Upcycled Building Materials Australia Pty Ltd

Project: saveBOARD, making construction products from liquid paperboard and plastic packaging

Funding: $1 million

Manningtree Corporation Pty Ltd

Project: BioChar Elmore - Reducing Organic Waste to Land Fill

Funding: $175,000