News and case studies

Perfect picnics
24 November 2022
Make these simple swaps to ensure your picnics are as green as the grass you’re sitting on.
Sustainable spring cleaning
17 November 2022
Our top 10 tips for recycling, reusing or repurposing the most common items we throw out after a spring clean.
What to do with your soft plastics
16 November 2022
While REDcycle operations are on pause, we're encouraging Victorians to think about how they can reduce soft plastic waste.
Case study
Great Valley Trail asphalt surfaced using recycled materials
04 November 2022
Alpine Shire Council surfaced the 16km Great Valley Trail with an asphalt containing 15% recycled rubber and glass.
Five ways to go green this Halloween
26 October 2022
There are plenty of ways to enjoy the spooky season without haunting the planet with the large amount of waste that can end up in landfill once Halloween celebrations are over.
Councils receive funding boost for local repair, reuse and recycle programs
25 October 2022
Projects will divert 16,000 tonnes of waste and create new opportunities to increase local recycling while growing local businesses and jobs.
Funding Victoria’s transition to a circular economy
19 October 2022
Businesses across the state will be supported to avoid waste and create new commercial opportunities for recycled products thanks to a funding boost from the Victorian Government.
Infrastructure and jobs boost for Victoria’s recycling sector
29 September 2022
Through a joint investment from the Australian and Victorian Government, 10 new recycling infrastructure projects will receive more than $15 million in funding to accelerate Victoria towards a sustainable future.
The technology turbocharging recycling in Victoria
05 September 2022
We’ve partnered with industry and the Australian Government to invest in the latest technology for new recycling infrastructure, ensuring we can process and use more recycled materials locally.