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Infrastructure and jobs boost for Victoria’s recycling sector
29 September 2022
Through a joint investment from the Australian and Victorian Government, 10 new recycling infrastructure projects will receive more than $15 million in funding to accelerate Victoria towards a sustainable future.
The technology turbocharging recycling in Victoria
05 September 2022
We’ve partnered with industry and the Australian Government to invest in the latest technology for new recycling infrastructure, ensuring we can process and use more recycled materials locally.
Recycling your dinner
23 August 2022
Sustainability Victoria is working across government and industry to fast track high-quality infrastructure and market solutions that provide long-term, sustainable improvements to our recycling system including food and organic waste.
Trash to treasures
19 August 2022
From breakfast to bath time, we’re highlighting a few of the beautiful recycled items that might already be hiding in your home.
From your bin to the Big Build
11 August 2022
A new freeway in Mordialloc demonstrates how we can create useful, long-lasting infrastructure with the things that Victorians recycle including 570,000 tonnes of plastic waste.
Wasted opportunities a thing of the past
10 August 2022
We may see the value in waste today, but we didn’t always understand the endless opportunities in recycling. The history of waste and recycling in Victoria tells a story of the times.
Victoria’s major festivals reducing single-use plastics
09 August 2022
Our Masterclass showed how Victorian events can be more sustainable through reuse solutions that offer an alternative to single-use plastics and reduce waste.
Don't call it waste
02 August 2022
At Sustainability Victoria, we see the beauty in waste. In fact, materials often treated as rubbish are so valuable, we find it hard to call it ‘waste’ at all.
Sweet dreams are made of recycled materials
02 August 2022
Sustainability Victoria is investing in research that could produce a bed made from recycled plastic that is also recyclable at the end of its life.