Gas hot water systems

Last updated: 2 February 2021

There are three types of gas hot water systems:

  1. Storage
    Water is heated and stored in an insulated tank for use when required.
  2. Instantaneous (continuous flow)
    Water is heated only when required. A storage tank isn't needed.
  3. Solar water heaters with instantaneous gas boosting

Energy efficiency and running costs

A high efficiency gas hot water system is one of the most economical types of water heaters when operated on natural gas.

Gas and electricity prices are rising, so if you have a conventional gas or electric hot water system that needs replacing, consider a more efficient gas or solar hot water system.

Compare energy star ratings

For gas hot water systems, use the energy star rating label to find the most efficient hot water system to suit your needs.

To further compare models refer to the energy consumption number on the label. Buy a gas hot water system with at least five stars.

Learn more about energy ratings

Compare running costs

The type of hot water system you have makes a big difference to your energy bills.

Compare running costs of hot water systems