Energy rating labels

Last updated: 16 December 2022

Energy rating labels allow you to compare energy efficiency and consumption across a range of appliances and equipment.

This means you can:

  • buy more efficient models
  • consume less energy
  • save money
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy Rating Label

Energy Rating Label

The Energy Rating Label is an Australian Government initiative. The label uses stars as a way to show the efficiency of an appliance. The more stars, the more efficient the product is.

You can use this star rating to compare other models of the same capacity.

Most appliances are rated between 1 and 6 stars. But as technology gets better, so does energy efficiency. That’s why an extra row of stars have been introduced. So the highest rating is now 10 stars.

Air conditioner Energy Rating Labels

Air conditioner Energy Rating Labels Old Energy Rating Label (L) and new Zoned Energy Rating Label (R).

A new Energy Rating Label was introduced for residential air conditioners in April 2020 and applies to all new models registered from this date. This label provides energy ratings for 3 different climate zones in Australia.

Most of Victoria is covered by the 'cold' climate rating (at the bottom of the label) but the northwest corner is covered by the 'average' climate rating (middle of the label). Both the rated cooling (blue box) and heating output (red box) of the air conditioner in kilowatts (kW) are provided at the top of the label. The estimated annual electricity consumption for both cooling and heating is also shown for each of the climate zones on the right-hand side of the label.

Some air conditioners sold in stores may still use the old Energy Rating Label, although its use should decline rapidly as newer models come onto the market. This also indicates efficiency as a star rating, but these ratings cannot be compared to the ratings provided on the new labels. In general, for the same star rating, models with the old label are less efficient than models with the new label.

For more information, read the Energy Rating's guide to air conditioner Energy Rating Labels.

Gas Energy Rating Label

Gas Energy Rating Label

The Gas Energy Rating Label is required for gas heaters and gas water heaters as part of the gas product certification of Australia. It’s based on an Australian standard test and can be trusted.

The label uses a 6-star rating to show how efficient a product is. The more stars, the more efficient it is.

Water Rating Label

Water Rating Label

The Water Rating label uses a 6-star rating to show how water efficient the product is. The more stars, the more water efficient it is.

You can find this label on appliances that use both energy and water, such as dishwashers and washing machines. You can also find it on fixtures that use water, such as toilets, shower heads or taps.

Depending on the appliance, the label also shows a rate of water consumption, such as:

  • flow rate
  • litres per flush
  • litres per wash.