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Better practice supplementary workbook

This workbook complements the Guide helping resource recovery centres document and assess performance against the better practice guidance.

Guide to Better Practice at Resource Recovery Centres

Guidance to help you assess your facility during site development, upgrade or while operating and managing a site.

Climate change and health presentation cover image

Climate change and health key findings

A summary of the findings of qualitative research conducted by Sustainability Victoria about public awareness of the links between health and climate change.

PV systems stewardship options

The final report of the PV Systems Stewardship Options Assessment, Second Phase.

Annual report 2017-2018

Sustainability Victoria's 2016-17 Annual report

Better Practice Guide for Waste Management and Recycling in Multi-unit Developments

A stand-alone resource providing guidance for architects, building designers, developers, building managers, residents, planners and waste management officers to effectively incorporate waste management and recycling in multi-unit developments.

Cover of Business Plan 2018-19 SV

Business plan 2018-2019

Sustainability Victoria's Business plan 2018–19

Energy Smart Housing Manual

If you’re building or renovating your home, make the most of your investment by incorporating energy efficiency into the design.

Cover of the VRIAS worksheet 2016-17

Victorian Recycling Industry Waste Services Workbook 2016-17

The VRIWS workbook provides access to the data contained in the final report. It includes the tonnes of waste generated from various source sectors and provides trend data for different material types recovered for reprocessing.

Cover of Victorian Local Government Annual Waste Services Report 2016-17

Victorian Local Government Annual Waste Services Report 2016-17

The Victorian Local Government Annual Waste Services Report outlines the tonnages, costs, trends and diversion rates for councils' waste and recycling services.