Household retrofit trials

Last updated: 16 September 2022
Prepared by: Sustainability Victoria
Prepared for: Sustainability Victoria
First published: December 2015


Sustainability Victoria conducts trials to test the effectiveness of measures that can be taken by householders to modify – or retrofit – existing appliances or circumstances to improve their energy effiency.

Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Retrofits to Existing Victorian Houses

1 April 2019

In this report, we present the results of Sustainability Victoria’s Comprehensive Retrofit Trial, undertaken in fourteen existing houses located in Melbourne.

Energy Efficiency Upgrade Potential

1 December 2015

This report provides insights into the cost effectiveness of 21 different energy efficiency upgrades and the outcomes.

Cavity Wall Insulation Retrofit Trial

1 January 2016

This report looks at the impact that installing insulation had on the thermal comfort of houses during winter and on their heating energy consumption.

Clothes Dryer Retrofit Trial

1 August 2016

The trial found that replacing electric clothes dryers with heat pump dryers was cost effective for households with high dryer usage.

Draught Sealing Retrofit Trial

1 January 2016

This report shows that comprehensive draught sealing is an effective strategy to reduce heating energy consumption in Victorian houses.

Gas Heating Ductwork Retrofit Trial

1 January 2016

This report, based on a study of eight houses, looks at the impact of replacing old ductwork with new high efficiency ductwork.

Gas Water Heater Retrofit Trial

1 June 2016

This trial achieved average energy savings of 18.8% for an average payback period of 10.3 years.

Halogen Downlight Retrofit Trial

1 January 2016

This report shows that replacing existing 12 volt halogen downlight lamps with low energy downlight lamps can significantly reduce lighting energy consumption.

Refrigerator Retrofit Trial

1 January 2017

In this trial, old refrigerators were replaced by a high efficiency model, achieving significant energy savings.

Swimming Pool Pump Retrofit Trial

1 April 2016

In this trial old single-speed pool pumps were replaced with new high efficiency three-speed pumps to assess the impacts.

Window Film Secondary Glazing Retrofit Trial

1 January 2017

This report looks at the use of special heat shrink films applied to the frames of existing windows to create a double glazing effect.