What to do with your soft plastics

Published: 16 November 2022

Sustainability Victoria is aware of the national situation involving the pause of soft plastics recycling through major supermarkets.

Choose to refuse

We encourage all Victorians to think about how they can reduce soft plastic waste.

Consider product alternatives that don’t include soft plastics. Buying loose fruit and vegetables rather than pre-packaged is a good start or invest in reusable mesh bags. Shop at farmers markets and stores where you can fill your own reusable containers.

Disposing of soft plastics

While REDcycle operations are paused, Victorians should put soft plastics in their general rubbish bin, unless advised otherwise by your local council.

Generally, soft plastics can’t be recycled through kerbside collection as they can get caught in machinery at sorting facilities.

Check what goes into your bins

This is a good time to check what goes into your bins on your council website. Waste and recycling services can change and differ between councils. Checking your council website to make sure the right thing goes in the right bin means more resources can be recovered and less goes to landfill.

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