Stribling Reserve Pavilion upgrade showcases recycled plastic decking and seating

Published: 3 February 2023


Composite decking and seating.

Product name and supplier

Decking – recycled composite decking from Modwood.

Seating boards – Extruded Wood Polymer Composite Profiles from APR Composites.

Recycled material/s contained in product

Decking – Recycled plastic (35%) and reclaimed wood shavings (55%), other (10%).

Seating boards – Recycled plastic (47%) and reclaimed wood shavings (47%), other (6%).

Percentage of recycled material in product

Decking – 90%.

Seating boards – 94%.

Total amount of recycled materials used

Decking – 2.1 tonnes.

Seating boards – 1.2 tonnes.

Product specifications and standards

ModWood wide-boards are manufactured to R11, AS 4586:2013.

Further details on Wood Plastic Composite from APR Composites.

Aesthetics of the infrastructure within the surrounding landscape were also a factor in selecting the chosen products.


Stribling Reserve, Otway Street, Lorne.

Project background

The Surf Coast Shire Council is committed to a circular economy. They have a target to send zero recoverable waste to landfill and are focused on improving the re-use of resources. The Stribling Reserve Pavilion in Lorne was a high-profile redevelopment project that provided an ideal opportunity to use recycled products to support the circular economy.

This project was led by a Project Control Group (PCG) which comprised council, community and sporting club representatives. The PCG unanimously supported incorporating recycled products into the project, which also had strong community support.

Recycled composite decking and seating at the pavilion greatly reduces maintenance requirements including the use of toxic stains and oils that would have been used on equivalent timber products. The recycled products divert waste from landfill and provide greater longevity compared to their traditional timber alternatives.

The council is hoping to demonstrate and realise the ongoing benefits to reduced maintenance and renewal costs over the life of the products by incorporating recycled materials as standard practice in future infrastructure projects.

This project was supported by Sustainability Victoria’s Sustainable Infrastructure Fund on behalf of the Victorian Government.

Procurement information

Procurement was undertaken by the contractor for products as specified by the PCG.

Installation and product performance

The installation of these products was straightforward. The products met building surveyor requirements for slip ratings and Bushfire Attack Level ratings, demonstrating that composite recycled/plastic style timbers are suitable products for commercial and coastal projects.

The Surf Coast Shire Council staff were happy with the products used in this project and anticipate that the decking and seating will be weather-resistant and lower maintenance in comparison to the upkeep associated with conventional timbers. Council staff and contractors now have a greater awareness and confidence in using these products.

“Using products like these helps build the market for recycled products and supports manufacturers who are entering into this space. Recycled materials can also present other benefits such as enhanced performance and longevity, reducing the ongoing maintenance and renewal requirements throughout the product life cycle.”
Chris Pike, Surf Coast Shire Council General Manager Placemaking and Environment .

Lifecycle monitoring and maintenance

The new products will be monitored through the council’s regular asset assessment process, and any damage or feedback reported by the community will be recorded through a customer request process.

The useful life of the recycled products will be assessed compared to traditional products, which will inform future decisions under the council’s asset management program. The results of this program will also be shared among council officers to encourage further uptake of recycled materials in future projects.

More information

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