Recycled fencing closes the loop on the Twelve Apostles Trail

Published: 12 January 2023


Recycled plastic post and rail fencing, bollards and end-assemblies.

Product name and supplier


Recycled material/s contained in product

Mixed plastic recyclables.

Percentage of recycled material in product


Total amount of recycled materials used

7.7 tonnes recycled plastic.

Product specifications and standards

The products meet the council’s life span and maintenance requirements and align with its sustainable design principles.


Twelve Apostles Trail Stage 1 – a new 20 km stretch of trail linking the townships of Timboon and Port Campbell in Southwest Victoria.

Project background

The Twelve Apostles Trail Stage 1 is a walking and cycling trail linking Corangamite’s hinterland with the coastal township of Port Campbell and the Great Ocean Road. It provides alternative access to key attractions, promoting active transport over driving and relieving traffic and car park pressures.

The installation of recycled plastic products along this 20 km trail links to the Camperdown – Timboon Rail Trail, which also uses recycled materials – providing a consistent approach in the region.

The Twelve Apostles Trail is an opportunity for Corangamite Shire Council to demonstrate the value of recycled products to an anticipated 30,000 locals and visitors using the trail annually. The recycled materials also provide great value in terms of durability, cost and maintenance when compared to traditional timber equivalents.

The Twelve Apostles Trail project was a COVID-19 stimulus project and was focused on engaging local contractors. It was supported by Sustainability Victoria’s Sustainable Infrastructure Fund.

"Using recycled materials in projects is a relatively new practice for Corangamite Shire Council, positioning us as a leader in sustainable development and bringing many benefits. We will now consider other opportunities to use recycled materials and innovative products in future projects."
Brooke Love, Director Works and Services.

Procurement information

Multiple contractors were engaged for the supply and installation of Replas recycled plastic products specified for this trail. The tender documents and contract highlighted the requirement for procuring products containing recycled materials.

Supplier delivery delays were experienced during the project, and it is advisable to order materials early to avoid any project extension.

Installation and product performance

The Corangamite Shire Council team found the fence posts easy to work with and install and were pleasantly surprised by their strength, even though they are hollow. Overall, they are pleased with the installed products as they are durable, low-maintenance and look great.

The end assembly posts required additional concrete footings due to the use of wire rope inserts and the subsequent tension created.

"It will be a tool to connect with local businesses, encouraging them to use recycled material. The project will also show trail users the great things that can be done by recycling and encourage them to think about their own sustainable practices."
Brooke Love, Director Works and Services.

Lifecycle monitoring and maintenance

The council closely monitored the project during delivery and installation and feedback from the contractor was obtained at regular contract meetings. The product installation was assessed during project inspections.

A post-implementation review will be conducted six months after the completion of the project. It will determine whether the project has met its objectives by assessing:

  • council maintenance costs
  • long-term strength and durability of the product
  • public response to the new product and the use of recycled plastics.

More information

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