How art led to action for Victoria’s sustainable future

Published: 31 January 2023

It’s no secret that street art can encourage any average passer-by, especially in the iconic graffitied lane ways of Melbourne, to pause and take in what they see. At Sustainability Victoria, we’ve used this medium to encourage all Victorians to take small actions that make a big impact on our sustainable future.

Bendigo locals in regional Victoria have had this message inspiring them everyday thanks to artist Yan Yan Candy Ng. She hand painted a mural depicting the many ways people can commit to small acts that minimise waste and encourage simple and smarter recycling habits in daily life.

Candy was excited to contribute her talents to the initiative, saying “I’m hoping this mural will inspire the community and motivate them to form new habits and create a conversation.”

The mural gave Candy an opportunity to communicate to different cultures who can recognise the message through art and feel inspired to contribute to their thriving multicultural society.

“My cultural background helped me understand other people’s cultural backgrounds and to have appreciation of other cultures. Melbourne is such a multicultural city with many nationalities, so I learn a lot from other cultures as well.”

Sustainability Victoria’s Small Acts, Big Impact campaign aims to make it easier for all Victorians to reduce waste and recycle more by making simple changes at home.