Connecting communities with art that inspires

Published: 16 January 2023

Katherine Gail is an artist and muralist who has made a powerful contribution to the community of St. Albans in Victoria’s north-west, creating a hand-painted mural that illustrates the Victorian government’s recycling and sustainability initiative ‘Small Acts, Big Impact’.

Katherine’s design for the mural is a beautiful representation of how all kinds of people in local communities can do their part to create a sustainable future for Victoria. She stated, “I knew I wanted to create a mural that really revealed that potent beauty that exists in this fragile connection between humans and nature.”

Katie Pahlow, Director of Community Action at Sustainability Victoria is hoping that more art projects like this across the state will encourage people to reflect and be inspired to contribute small acts that have a big impact.

“It’s an opportunity, they can see themselves in the imagery and it gives you that sense of possibility and transformation.”

Katherine’s mural can be seen at Princess Street, St. Albans on the side of the Woolworths building and has fast become a must-see attraction in the area.

“I do think there is direct contact with the community when you work with art. So, I’m really happy that many organisations, big and small, are supporting public art as part of their own strategies.”

Sustainability Victoria’s Small Acts, Big Impact campaign aims to make it easier for all Victorians to reduce waste and recycle more by making simple changes at home.