A decade of action that will shape Victoria’s climate-resilient economy

Published: 19 May 2022
a split graphic with a truck filling up with gas and a power plant with pollution on the left side, and a hybrid car at a charging station with three windmills generating energy on the right side

Sustainability Victoria is supporting the Victorian Government’s targets to increase renewable energy to more than 50% and to halve food waste by 2030.

Increasing renewable energy and halving food waste are just 2 of the important Victoria Government targets driving Sustainability Victoria’s (SV's) newly launched strategy, SV2030: A decade of action.

“We know this is the decade of action because that’s what our stakeholders told us during the development of this strategy. The SV2030 strategy is bold, ambitious and built on evidence that highlights the big changes that we need to make globally,” says Matt Genever, SV’s Interim CEO.

“For more than 15 years SV has been working with the sustainability changemakers in our great state and we’re committed to working even harder over the next 8 years to deliver our vision for 2030.”

“We would like every Victorian to feel empowered, that every day they can take action.”
Matt Genever, Interim CEO, Sustainability Victoria.

Matt says that SV’s purpose is to accelerate Victoria’s transition to a circular, climate-resilient clean economy – contributing to achieving the Government’s 2030 targets as set out in Victoria's plan for a circular economy and the Climate Change Strategy.

So, how does SV plan to reach these targets?

“We are doing this in partnership with our stakeholders in industry, business, entrepreneurs, research institutions, schools, households, individuals, community groups and governments within Victoria and across Australia,” explains Matt.

How SV plans to get there

SV’s efforts are focused in 3 main areas:

  1. Investment and Innovation - providing incentives and insights to develop new markets and grow existing ones.
  2. Behaviour Change and Education – leading effective change.
  3. Community Action – leading and supporting local projects and programs.

Want to discover more?

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