Our SV2030 strategy

Last updated: 19 April 2023

SV2030: A Decade of Action

Accelerating Victoria’s transition to a circular, climate resilient clean economy.

Globe of Victoria

Our purpose is to accelerate Victoria’s transition to a circular, climate resilient clean economy – contributing to achieving the Government’s targets for 2025 and 2030 as set out in the Recycling Victoria policy and the Climate Change Strategy.

Our ambition is to develop and deliver fit-for-purpose high impact solutions to challenges posed by our complex and rapidly changing environment.

We do this in partnership with our stakeholders in industry, business, entrepreneurs, research institutions, schools, households, individuals, community groups and governments within Victoria and across Australia.

SV2030 is centred on an inclusive, just and equitable transition that has:

  • shared knowledge, innovation, investment in vibrant new clean economy industries with significant new employment opportunities
  • a future where all our resources are produced, consumed, collected, recycled and retained at their highest value, purchased and reused, circulating in perpetuity throughout the supply chain
  • world-leading infrastructure, sustainable buildings, and communities and people with a deep understanding and literacy of sustainability in all sectors.

SV will focus our action on 3 areas:

  • Investment and Innovation: Incentives and insights to deliver a clean economy
  • Behaviour Change and Education: Leading effective change
  • Community Action: Place-based projects and programs

Every day, every Victorian can take action. We will work together, knowing that starting, speeding and scaling up our collective efforts will achieve greater prosperity for Victoria, the economy and our planet.

Johan Scheffer – Chairperson

Matt Genever – Interim Chief Executive Officer


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