Choose the right heating system for your home

Last updated: 19 May 2023

Choosing a heating system is an important decision to make, as it locks in your heating costs for over a decade.

A system’s energy performance depends on the fuel available to you and how much space you need to heat. If you are replacing an existing heating system, you should consider if replacing like for like is the best option. New electric heat pump systems are more efficient and cheaper to run than gas ducted heating and rebates are available to assist with making the change.

For most Victorians, electric reverse cycle split systems are the most energy efficient, lowest cost heating option available that generates the lowest greenhouse emissions. If your house has a rooftop solar PV system, the benefits of heating with electric reverse cycle systems can be even greater.

Find a system that's right for you

Fuel available to you

Heating systems can generate heat with:

  • electricity
  • wood
  • gas (natural or LPG).

Choosing one depends on what fuel is available to you.

How much space you need to heat

There are 2 types of heating systems:

  • central heating
  • room (or space) heating.

If you need to heat your whole house, central heating would be more efficient. Ideally with a zoning capability, that allows you to heat only certain areas of your home.

If you only want to heat a certain area, a room heater would be best.

Generally, it’s cheaper to use a room heater. But it really depends on how big a space you’re heating. The larger the area, the larger the system you’ll need. The wrong sized system won’t heat your home efficiently and will cost you more money.

If you can, get a supplier to visit and measure your home for a quote. If that’s not possible, provide them with a plan of your house, showing dimensions of the areas you want to heat. Also provide information about the insulation you use in your home.

Common central heating options

Common room heating options

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