Improve your business's gas efficiency – video series

Last updated: 6 September 2022

Sustainability Victoria is providing free gas efficiency masterclasses to equip businesses with the knowledge and confidence to better manage their systems.

Join gas efficiency expert Kevin Joyce in a three-part webinar series that will help you understand your gas usage and how you can maintain your systems with energy efficiency in mind. These webinars are presented in an easy to follow format and can be viewed separately or sequentially as a series.

Energy improvements of 10% or more can be made relatively easily through maintenance and low-cost, straightforward improvements.

Save money, reduce your energy consumption and increase your business productivity.

Part 1 – Gas boilers, steam and hot water distribution

Part 2 – Direct gas heating (furnaces, kilns, ovens and dryers)

Part 3 – Gas supply and commercial aspects of buying energy

Resource assessment