Reduce your hot water costs

Last updated: 10 January 2021

Hot water accounts for around 16% of the average Victorian household's energy costs. Most of the hot water is used in the bathroom, followed by the laundry and the kitchen.

Regardless of the type of hot water system you use, there are a number of common sense ways to reduce the amount of hot water you use and pay for.

  1. Install a low-flow shower head for a satisfying shower using the minimum amount of water.
  2. Take shorter showers. Use a shower timer to encourage your household to take four-minute showers.
  3. Wash your clothes in cold water where possible.
  4. Fix dripping taps.
  5. Insulate exposed hot water pipes with closed-cell rubber insulation, available from hardware stores.
  6. Service and maintain your hot water system using a licensed tradesperson according to the manufacturers instructions.
  7. Plan for your hot water system's replacement, especially if it's more than ten years old. Choose a hot water system to suit your household's needs.