Renovate a double-fronted brick veneer house for energy efficiency

Last updated: 6 September 2022

Double-fronted brick veneers and energy efficiency

Double-fronted brick veneer houses are typically built with brick veneer walls, metal-framed windows, tiled roof and timber floors. These homes are likely to have no insulation in the walls or floors and only a small amount in the ceiling. Improving insulation will therefore result in energy and money savings, and improved comfort in your home.

What will renovations cost?

Cost Saving
Draught proofing $2,200 $195
Insulation – Ceiling $2,440 $205
Insulation – Floor $1,940 $310
Insulation – Wall $1,940 $265

Assumed improvements to existing double-front brick veneer style home with 140m2 floor area in Melbourne climate zone, 'always home' usage profile, Lee, T., Wu, C., Guthrie, K. and Dewsbury, M., 2014

Renovation tips for double fronted brick veneer homes

Consider glazing treatments

Replacing older metal-framed windows with double-glazed options will make a double front brick veneer more comfortable and energy efficient.

Improve your insulation

Topping up your existing ceiling insulation will improve your winter comfort and reduce energy use and bills. You should also consider installing floor insulation under your timber floor if you have access to your underfloor space.

Draught-proof your home

Older homes will develop gaps and cracks over time, resulting in heat loss during winter and heat gain during summer. Draught proofing will save you energy and money.