A closer look at SJD Homes' Sandpiper

Last updated: 6 September 2022
ranch style modern home with brick and grey exterior An affordable, energy-efficient home built by SJD Homes.

Sustainability Victoria recently collaborated with SJD Homes to develop the Z-Range, a series of affordable, energy-efficient homes. Located in Cape Patterson, this home is a prime example of how comfortable and affordable energy-efficient homes can be - without compromising on style. Learn more about the home and its benefits in Feature Home: 2 Sunlight Avenue, Cape Patterson.


NatHERS energy rating: 7.6-stars

Energy efficiency achievement: High – zero net carbon

Other features: Fully electric; recycled material (bricks)

Size: 4-bedroom, single story

Base price including Z-range pack: $263,900 (does not include land price)

Comfort, health, quality and savings

Energy-efficient homes are more than just better for the environment. By including energy efficiency features in your home, you improve the quality of the home and ensure it’s more comfortable to live in.


More comfortable than a standard build

  • More consistent internal temperature; not too hot and not too cold.
  • Not draughty.
  • Quiet.
  • Full of natural light.

Contributing features

  • Insulation: extra care was taken when insulation was installed, and thickness of insulation is above minimum standard therefore reducing the transfer of heat.
  • Orientation and shading: 900mm wide eaves on the north facing façade, protects the home from the harsh summer sun without compromising on warmth in winter and light in summer.
  • Windows: double glazed and clerestory windows in the main living area allow more light to enter, maximising the home’s northern orientation.
  • Appliances: ceiling fans in every room promoting natural ventilation and reducing reliance on heating and cooling systems.
dining table next to brick wall, sliding door and kitchen bench with ceiling fan above Sandpiper reflects the comfort, quality and energy efficiency of a Z-Range home.


Promoting improved health and well-being

  • Reduced likelihood of mould and mildew.
  • A comfortable temperature inside the home promotes a better night’s sleep.

Contributing features

  • Venting: all venting from the kitchen and the wet rooms goes directly to the outside rather than into the roof cavity, to avoid the risks of mould and mildew.
  • Insulation: extra care was taken when insulation was installed and thickness of insulation is above minimum standard, therefore reducing the transfer of heat.
  • Windows: double glazed windows block out noise.


Confidence that the house was constructed to meet the correct standards

  • Minimal insulation gaps, with minimum 95% coverage in the walls and ceiling.
  • A verified air permeability rate of 4.44 m3/h/m2 @ 50Pa making it twice as airtight as a standard home

Contributing features

  • Extra sealing behind the walls: use of silicon sealing between the slab and frame, around the windows and fixed service (split systems) for a more air tight home.
  • As-built verification: this assessment has been conducted and passed to confirm insulation coverage and air tightness meets or exceeds required standards.


More money in your pocket and less impact on the environment

  • Estimated annual dollar savings: $1,389.
  • Estimated annual energy savings: 29,893 MJ.
  • Estimated annual emissions savings: 6.2 tCO2-e the equivalent to 1.3 cars off the road each year.

Annual energy and carbon emissions savings of 2 Sunlight Avenue, Cape Patterson

Results 2 Sunlight Avenue Cape Patterson (if it were a standard 6-star home) 2 Sunlight Avenue Cape Patterson – with energy efficiency features (actual) Savings (%)

Energy use p.a.

25,289 MJ

-4,604 MJ


tCO2-e emitted p.a.

5.2 tCO2-e

-1.0 tCO2-e


Annual energy bill




Contributing features

  • Above standard NatHERS rating: this home achieves a 7.6-star NatHERS rating; the current minimum is 6-stars.
  • Zoning: distinct living spaces within the home reduce the burden on heating and cooling.
  • Solar PV: enough solar PV to produce more energy than it uses over one year.
  • Energy-efficient appliances: all-electric energy-efficient appliances produce no net greenhouse gas emissions and ceiling fans in all the rooms maximise use of natural ventilation.

Special offer

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