A closer look at SJD Homes' Mayfair

Last updated: 6 September 2022
An affordable, energy-efficient home built by SJD Homes.

Sustainability Victoria recently collaborated with SJD Homes to develop the Z-Range, a series of affordable, energy-efficient homes. This home sits within Stockland’s Minta community, extending the benefits of sustainable living beyond the front door. Comfort and affordability are key benefits of this home, enabled by features such as double-glazed windows and effective zoning. Read on for the full list of benefits and features.


NatHERS energy rating: 6.9-stars

Energy efficiency achievement: Zero net carbon

Size: 4-bedroom, double story

Base price including Z-range pack: $383,900 (price is for Metro Melbourne and does not include land cost)

Comfort, health, quality and savings

Energy-efficient homes are more than just better for the environment. By including energy efficiency features in your home, you improve the quality of the home and ensure it’s more comfortable to live in.


More comfortable than a standard build

  • More consistent internal temperature; not too hot and not too cold.
  • Not draughty.
  • Quiet.
  • Natural light.

Contributing features

  • Windows: all windows are double glazed allowing for the use of larger windows that let in more light, while helping to keep the internal temperature consistent and reduce noise.
  • Insulation: extra care was taken when insulation was installed to ensure high coverage through the walls and ceiling. Coverage was also validated through an as-built verification assessment.
  • Zoning: a well zoned home and zoned heating and cooling allows you to set comfortable temperatures depending on where you are in the home.
  • Air tightness: this home has a low air permeability rate, meaning it is draught free. This feature has been validated through as built verification checks.
white kitchen island with two bar stools in front with gas range and white cabinets along the wall Mayfair reflects the comfort, quality and energy efficiency of a Z-Range home.


Promoting improved health and well-being

  • Reduced likelihood of mould and mildew.
  • A better night's sleep.

Contributing features

  • Ventilation: all venting from the kitchen and the wet rooms goes directly to the outside rather than into the roof cavity – to avoid the risks of mould and mildew.
  • Windows: double glazed windows block out noise and support a comfortable internal temperature day and night.
  • Zoning: targeted temperature control allowing for a better night’s sleep.


Confidence that the house was constructed to meet the correct standards

  • Minimal insulation gaps, with minimum 99% coverage in the walls and ceiling.
  • More than double to minimum requirement for air tightness.

Contributing features

  • As-built verification: this assessment was conducted and passed, to confirm insulation coverage and air tightness meets or exceeds required standards.


More money in your pocket and less impact on the environment

  • Estimated annual dollar savings: $1,084.
  • Estimated annual energy savings: 27,797 MJ.
  • Estimated annual emissions savings: 7.47 tCO2-e the equivalent to 1.6 cars off the road each year.

Annual energy and carbon emissions savings of SJD Homes Mayfair, 1 Soldiers Rd, Berwick

Results SJD Mayfair @ 1 Soldiers Road – if it were a standard (6-star) home SJD Mayfair @ 1 Soldiers Road – with energy efficiency features (actual) Savings (%)

Energy use p.a.

52,363 MJ

18,733 MJ


tCO2-e emitted p.a.

5.67 tCO2-e

-1.8 tCO2-e


Annual energy bill




Contributing features

  • Above standard NatHERS rating: this home achieves a 6.9-star NatHERS rating. The current minimum is 6-stars.
  • Zoning: distinct living spaces within the home reduce the burden on heating and cooling, keeping energy use low.
  • Solar PV: enough solar PV to offset the homes emissions throughout the year.

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