A closer look at Metricon’s Whittlesea 25

Last updated: 6 September 2022
contemporary grey and brown home exterior with plants An affordable, energy-efficient home built by Metricon.

Sustainability Victoria recently collaborated with Metricon to develop the Energy Saver Plus pack– an energy efficient features pack that can be added onto many of Metricon’s existing home designs. This particular home has a focus on air tightness and insulation coverage, and is an example of how you can achieve a low cost, zero emissions home using an as-built verification assessment. Read on for the full list of energy efficient benefits and features in this home.


NatHERS energy rating: 6.4-stars

Energy efficiency achievement: Zero net carbon

Size: 179.82m2, 4-bedroom, single story

Retail cost: $260,700 (this includes the Energy Saver Plus pack but does not include land price)

Comfort, health, quality and savings

Energy-efficient homes are more than just better for the environment. By including energy efficiency features in your home, you improve the quality of the home and ensure it’s more comfortable to live in.


More comfortable than a standard build

  • Maintains internal temperature for longer periods of time.
  • Not draughty.
  • Full of natural light.

Contributing features

  • Insulation: above standard insulation, such as the inclusion of insulation in wet area walls supports the home in maintaining comfortable temperatures.
  • Air tightness: this home has a low air permeability rate, meaning it is draught free. This feature has been validated through as built verification checks.
  • Windows: double glazing in the main living zones allows for large window sizes, contributing to the light and spacious feel.
  • Appliances: an efficient, ducted reverse cycle heating and cooling system allows for zoned heating and cooling to keep temperatures comfortable.
lounge room with big screen on left,beige area rug on wood floor, wrap around white sofa on the right with large picture window Whittlesea reflects the comfort, quality and energy efficiency of a Metricon home with the Energy Saver Plus pack.


Promoting improved health and well-being

  • Reduced likelihood of mould and mildew.
  • Healthier air.

Contributing features

  • Ventilation: all exhaust fans from the kitchen and the wet areas go directly to the outside rather than into the roof cavity – reducing moisture in the home and avoiding the risks of mould and mildew. The use of humidity sensors means extraction fans automatically detect extra moisture and switch on and off as needed to reduce condensation.
  • Air tightness: draught seals contribute to improved levels of airtightness, helping to reduce unwanted draughts and stopping air pollutants such pollen and smoke from entering the home.


Confidence that the house was constructed to meet the correct standards

  • Minimal insulation gaps, with minimum 95% coverage in the walls and ceiling.
  • More than double to minimum requirement for air tightness.

Contributing features

  • Draught seals: minimising leakage from gaps between doors, walls, air vents, skirtings, and the ground.
  • As-built verification: as-built verification has been used to ensure the house has no problems related to poor installation of insulation or sources of air leakage. This home has achieved an air permeability rate of 4.59m3/h/m2 @50PA meaning it is more than twice as airtight as a home built to minimum standards.


More money in your pocket and less impact on the environment

  • Estimated annual dollar savings: $1,163.
  • Estimated annual energy savings: 27,797 MJ.
  • Estimated annual emissions savings: 7.95 tCO2-e the equivalent to 1.7 cars off the road each year.

Annual energy and carbon emissions savings of Metricon Whittlesea at 333 Poppy St, Mickleham

Results 333 Poppy Street Mickleham, if it were a standard (6-star) home 333 Poppy Street Mickleham – with energy efficiency appliances and solar (actual) Savings (%)

Energy use p.a.

25,357 MJ

-2,440 MJ


tCO2-e emitted p.a.

5.98 tCO2-e

-1.97 tCO2-e


Annual energy bill




Contributing features

  • Solar PV: enough solar PV to offset both emissions and energy use over the year.
  • Energy-efficient appliances: all electric heating and cooling system means emissions from heating and cooling can be offset by a solar PV system for the life of the home.
  • Zoning: distinct living spaces within the home reduces the burden on heating and cooling.
  • LED lighting: LED light bulbs use less energy that traditional lightbulbs, they also have a longer lifespan which reduces on-going maintenance costs.

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