Social procurement framework supplier guidance

Last updated: 15 September 2022

What does the SPF mean for suppliers?

Social procurement can be grouped into two broad approaches. Direct social procurement is where SV purchases goods or services from a social benefit supplier. Indirect social procurement is where SV purchases goods or services from a ‘mainstream supplier’ (not a social benefit supplier) using a Request for Quote (RFQ) or Request for Tender (RFT) and clauses in contracts to deliver social and/or sustainable outcomes. SV will seek to achieve social or sustainable outcomes through direct and indirect approaches.

I’m a social benefit supplier under the SPF. How can SV find me?

Tools and partnerships are in place to enable Government buyers and other suppliers to easily identify and purchase from social benefit suppliers. For further details, refer to the factsheet prepared for your industry sector at Buying for Victoria.

I’m a mainstream business. What does the SPF mean for me?

When SV purchases goods or services from a mainstream supplier, social procurement requirements will be included in the RFQ/RFT documentation and contracts. This means businesses will be asked to demonstrate their social and sustainable business practices. The criteria will be weighted and scored therefore having impact on the procurement outcome.

Do suppliers have to deliver all social and sustainable outcomes in the SPF?

Before approaching the market, SV will have considered SV's priority objectives and which priorities can best be advanced through the procurement. At a minimum, SV procurement will require suppliers to detail their environmentally sustainable business practices. Where applicable, SV will also focus on women’s equality and safety.

What will I be asked regarding environmentally sustainable business practices?

SV will ask businesses to detail their environmental management systems including: current policies and procedures, performance measures and targets, achievements, and future planned activities.

What will I be asked regarding women’s equality and safety?

When applicable, SV will ask businesses to detail their gender equitable business practices, including current policies and procedures (specifically regarding gender equity and family violence leave), performance measures and targets, and external oversight arrangements.

Will the SPF cost me money?

All SV procurement, including those with social benefit requirements, will be assessed according to value for money principles. SV will consider financial and non-financial factors when assessing value. All suppliers to SV, including social benefit suppliers, need to make a competitive offering.

How will SV report on social and sustainable outcomes achieved through procurement?

SV will report on social procurement activities in our Annual Report and whole of Victorian Government reporting will publish aggregated outputs and benefits from the SPF. Suppliers may be required to contribute social procurement data for use in these reports.

Where can I go for help?

Further guidance for suppliers is available at Buying for Vic.

For questions relating to SV’s social procurement framework or regarding a specific SV procurement, please email

For general social procurement questions email