Reduce energy use in your business

Energy rates are continuing to rise across Australia. By managing the energy use of your business, you can take control of your energy bills and reduce the impact your business has on the environment.

The benefits can often be more than just financial and environmental. Businesses we’ve worked with have also seen improvements in:

  • staff morale
  • customer satisfaction
  • indoor comfort levels.
I used to think energy bills were an unavoidable cost of doing business. I now look forward to receiving my bills!

– Leanne, owner of South Coast Junior Aquatics Warrnambool, who cut her gas bill by 65% after upgrading her energy infrastructure.

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How to reduce energy in your business

1. Learn from businesses like yours

It’s always good to seek advice and knowledge from similar businesses and industry groups.

We’ve work with business owners from varying industries, to lower their energy consumption and, in turn, saved money.

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2. Switch energy providers

Some providers offer energy plans that support renewable energy.

Although these plans can cost more, they reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and support the renewable energy industry. This will drive down prices in the future.

Understand your bill to get a better rate >

3. Measure and monitor your current use

Understand where you’re using energy in your business so you know how to take action.

Measure your energy use >

4. Ways to reduce your energy use

Every business is unique. Find ways to reduce your energy use based on the way your business operates.

Industry-specific efficiency

Equipment efficiency

Building efficiency

Get recommendations using our tool

We created a tool to take the guess work out of finding the:

  • right energy upgrade opportunity
  • relevant funding options for your business.

Use the energy upgrades tool >

5. Get an energy audit

If you need to build a business case to get energy efficiency prioritised in your business, it’s worth investing in an energy audit.

An energy audit will provide you with a report identifying where your business can be more efficient and your biggest opportunities to save energy.

Find an energy auditor for your business >

6. Get finance for an energy upgrade project

There are a range of finance options to help pay for energy-saving equipment without the upfront capital.

Compare finance options

Our energy upgrade has turned us into energy budgeting experts!

– Burke Brandon, owner of Prom Country Cheese, who halved his energy bill after an energy audit and upgrade.

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