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Recycling stockpile

Market Shock Response – article in Waste Management Review

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Family outdoors

Making the link between our health and climate change

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Illustration of recycled bottles

Keep up your good recycling habits

Despite challenges facing Victoria’s recycling processing, it’s as important as ever to keep up your good habits and continue to recycle.

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Droplets in the shape of a heart on a leaf

Share the love in a sustainable way this Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a time when hearts run wild but with sustainability at the forefront of mind, you can show your partner that you love the environment, as much as you treasure them.

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Enter the 2019 ResourceSmart Schools Awards

Victorian schools are encouraged to enter the 2019 ResourceSmart Schools Awards

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Parents urged to make it a green 2019 with sustainable back to school tips

Parents are urged to make it a green 2019 with sustainable back to school tips

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Urgent advisory for Netflix-inspired declutterers

With the nation in the grip of a Marie Kondo-inspired decluttering frenzy, Australians are being urged to find the joy in rehoming their discarded items instead of sending them to waste.

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Geelong organics facility launch

Catch-up on our latest edition of In The Know

Featuring our year in review, a warning to solar panel retailers on marketing tactics, six steps to make an energy efficient home and a new research project to support end-of-life solar panels

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How to minimise waste in your business

Reducing waste can help minimise your business’s environmental impact, provide long term cost savings and earn goodwill from customers and clients. So where do you start?

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