Bright Supa IGA supermarket

Energy efficiency improvements have already saved Bright Supa IGA more than $20,000 per annum.

Business snapshot

Bright Supa LGA is a typical regional supermarket selling groceries, fresh meat, dairy products, vegetables and liquor. It's approximately 1300m² and has been operating in the town for many years. In 2005, it underwent a major expansion to meet the needs of the Bright Community and summer tourist trade.

As a locally owned and operated independent supermarket, Bright Supa IGA understands the importance of giving back to the community and runs the IGA National Community Benefits Program which each year provides a significant donation to the local Country Fire Authority (CFA) Brigades. The business also sponsors several local sporting clubs and organisations.

Energy efficiency

'In the supermarket industry one of our main costs is electricity, with the operation of refrigeration equipment and lighting. Prior to this initiative I think we accepted the status quo and had no real understanding of the savings we could make,' said Managing Director, Nick Cook.

'However, with energy costs rising, especially after the introduction of the carbon tax, and increased competition in the town, we needed to focus on reducing our operating costs in order to remain competitive and viable. With the assistance of IGA and energy consultants SEDAC, we identified the significant savings that could be made through energy efficiency.'

In 2012 Bright Supa IGA successfully applied for $25,000 funding through the Victorian Government's Smarter Resources, Smarter Business program to support an upgrade of lighting, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), and refrigeration systems, introduce a holistic energy management system for the store, and train staff in energy efficient behaviours.

Work began in early 2013 to install 24 LED tubes to freezer doors and dairy and liquor refrigerator doors, and installation of a lighting control board. A variable speed drive (VSD) was installed to the main HVAC fan and a logic temperature controller to the HVAC condenser. Two VSDs were installed for the cool rooms as well as three product control probes in cool rooms. The energy monitoring and management system was commissioned. These actions were expected to reduce energy usage by 12%, saving more than $20,000 per year.


The total cost of the energy efficiency project was $58,000. In the first eight months since completion of the project the average energy efficiency improvement was over 10%, or more than 98,850kWh, representing a greenhouse gas reduction equivalent to 116 tonnes of CO2, with annual savings of more than $20,000.

'Thanks to the assistance of the consultant, the whole process from start to finish was extremely painless, with the delivery of effectively a turnkey solution. Working in conjunction with Sustainability Victoria the whole process was extremely efficient,' said Nick Cook.

'The store has realised real savings in our power bills and with the ongoing monitoring and feedback via the energy management system we continue to grow a culture of energy efficiency – so much so that we have been able to achieve further savings with enhancements to our refrigeration system,' added Nick Cook.

The savings we are now making from energy efficiency are ongoing and we have implemented a culture of using our resources efficiently.

Nick Cook – Managing Director

Energy efficiency project was managed by Sustainable Energy Management Pty Ltd (SEDAC).

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Exterior of the Supa IGA supermarket in Bright

Bright Supa IGA

Regional supermarket Bright Super IGA has undertaken energy efficiency improvements to reduce use by at least 10% saving more than $20,000 per year.

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