Small Business Energy Saver Program for Small Businesses

Last updated: 28 July 2021

The Small Business Energy Saver Program provides a bonus for small businesses, discounting the cost to upgrade to more energy-efficient equipment.

Energy-efficient equipment can save your business on running costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The equipment upgrades eligible for the bonus include:

  • replace inefficient electric hot water systems
  • replace inefficient gas hot water systems
  • upgrade to efficient room reverse cycle air-conditioners
  • installing energy-efficient refrigerator display cabinets
  • install energy-efficient fridges and freezers
  • install energy-efficient refrigeration and ventilation fans and motors
  • install water efficient pre-rinse spray valves.

The bonus is in addition to the energy efficiency upgrade discounts through the Victorian Energy Upgrades program.


Small businesses must:

  • have 1 to 19 employees (full-time equivalent)
  • have a commercial (non-residential) premises.

This program is not available for primary producers in agriculture.

If you are a small business operating out of a rented or leased premises, you must first ensure that you are authorised to have installation activities carried out at the premises.

How to upgrade your equipment

The program provides a bonus for your business to upgrade equipment at your business premises.

The exact amount that a business will need to pay for an approved energy efficiency improvement will depend on the number and type of energy upgrades undertaken.

Illustrative examples include:

  • replacing an old electric hot water unit with a medium-sized heat pump could cost a local hairdresser $840 instead of $4,000
  • upgrading the air conditioning at a local café may cost the owner $960 instead of $3,100.

Eligible energy-efficient upgrades must be installed by accredited providers, who use the bonus to reduce the cost of equipment. Accredited providers will identify equipment in your business that is eligible to receive the bonus.

Registered accredited providers

Accredited providers are accredited by the Essential Services Commission under the Victorian Energy Upgrades Program and are experts in their field, experienced in delivering a variety of upgrades that can help save on your energy costs.

Sustainability Victoria has engaged specific Accredited Providers across Victoria who are registered to carry out equipment upgrades in your business under the Small Business Energy Saver Program.

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More information

The Victorian Energy Upgrades program provides households and businesses with a range of discounted energy-efficient products and services. Visit Victorian Energy Upgrades.