The recycled state

Last updated: 11 August 2022

At SV, we see a future where the world around us is built with recycled materials – from the roads we drive on, to the picnic benches at your local park.

Around a quarter of Victorians don’t see the value in recycling correctly. But they’re wrong. The next time you drop a plastic bottle into your recycling bin, you could be giving it new life as a new railway track that keeps Victoria on the move.

At SV, we invest in innovation and infrastructure to make this a reality – to accelerate the use of high-quality recycled construction materials like glass, plastic, concrete and sand.

We work with like-minded partners – from research, to industry, to local councils and across state government – to build confidence in and demand for recycled materials, support the development of new recycled alternatives, and ensure decision-makers are planning for the future by thinking recycled first for long-lasting, meaningful projects.

The past and future of recycled materials

Using recycled materials in construction

SV support for recycled materials