Shop sustainably

What is sustainable shopping?

Sustainable shopping recognises that everything we buy has health, environmental and social impact. Put simply, sustainable shopping is your chance to support what is important to you and avoid products and services that do not align with your beliefs.

This approach starts with the raw materials used to create a product and includes the manufacturing process, packaging and ultimate disposal of each item, including any transportation required throughout its lifecycle.

Why shop sustainably?

There are many reasons to shop sustainably, including benefits to you, the environment, and other people.

Protect the environment

Sustainably produced food and products have less negative impact on the environment. This includes fewer chemical pesticides, a greater diversity of plants, less consumption of fossil fuels and sustainably sourced raw material.

Promote health

Sustainable farming focuses on producing healthy food. This means fewer pesticides, chemicals, additives and preservatives, which are toxic to our waterways and our health. Sustainable food will also be of higher quality because of the way the animals are treated, such as the space they have and the quality of food they are fed. Sustainable gifts and sustainable fashion minimise pollution and the use of raw materials, energy and water.

Support local businesses and employment

Part of shopping sustainably is shopping locally as much as possible. This means your money goes to Victorian or Australian farms and businesses, and that supports the local economy and boosts employment.

Protect workers

What are the workplace conditions of the staff who worked to produce the clothes or food you buy? How do they compare with Australian standards? Buying things like Fairtrade encourages fair wages and safe working environments wherever the product is produced.

Promote animal welfare

Sustainable shopping considers the welfare of animals throughout their lives, including the way they are managed immediately prior to and during slaughter.

Types of sustainable shopping