Victoria is going circular

Published: 10 May 2021

On behalf of the Victorian Government, Sustainability Victoria is partnering with industries, businesses, governments and communities to make the circular economy a reality in Victoria.

Over the past 12 months, we have released more than $60 million in funding, with more to come. The focus of this initial funding includes:

  • recycling infrastructure improvements to increase domestic capacity
  • innovations in Victorian businesses to eliminate waste and pollution through design
  • research into new and improved recycled products and processes
  • grassroots community solutions for waste avoidance, repair and reuse of goods
  • statewide behaviour change and education campaign to encourage all Victorians to put the correct recycling items in their household kerbside bin.

This work is underpinned by Recycling Victoria, the Victorian Government’s $380 million action plan to build a recycling system all Victorians can rely on, reduce waste, create local jobs and boost the economy.

We are delivering 14 of the 24 Recycling Victoria programs.

Sustainability Victoria CEO, Claire Ferres Miles believes all Victorians have a crucial role to play in the circular economy.

A circular economy will create new jobs and new business opportunities in Victoria – achieving prosperity for people and prosperity for the planet. As a community we need to reconsider how we think about waste to transition from a consumption of resources to a producer of resources which are designed to last, can be reused continuously or can be recycled infinitely. We shouldn’t underestimate the magnitude of this transformation – for society and the sector – and what this requires of us to think and behave differently.
Sustainability Victoria CEO, Claire Ferres Miles

Collective systemic change is needed

For our recycling system to meet its full potential, it needs all parts of the system to come together with shared objectives under Recycling Victoria.

The Recycling Victoria 2030 targets we are working towards include:

Recycling Victoria 2030 targets: 15% reduction in waste generation per capital, 80% of waste diverted from landfill, 50% reduction in organic materials sent to landfill, access to food and garden organics recycling or composting for all Victorian households.

To create a strong resilient circular system, Sustainability Victoria’s role is to connect and collaborate with industries, governments, businesses and community groups to drive initiatives that focus on:

Investment and innovation

  • deliver infrastructure investment for processing and sorting of materials to provide sufficient domestic capacity in response to the waste export bans
  • foster research and innovation to develop new products and processes from recycled materials
  • develop strong end markets for recycled materials so they can be reused and made into new products
  • keep resources at their highest value so they can be used again and diverted from landfill

Behaviour change

  • support all Victorians through behaviour change and education campaigns to increase understanding of how to correctly sort recycling at home and work to reduce contamination so materials can be used again

Community action

  • support local government and community groups to deliver neighbourhood and regional circular economy initiatives
  • deliver programs in place that reduce waste and increase recycling

Victorian businesses are central in the transition. The Circular Economy Business Innovation Centre supports Victorian businesses to foster innovation and take advantage of circular economy business opportunities, with an initial focus on food waste.

Read more about these programs on our Recycling Victoria page.

A circular future

With under ten years to meet the Recycling Victoria 2030 targets, the opportunities are only limited by our own imagination, according to Sustainability Victoria CEO, Claire Ferres Miles.

With government incentives and a clear policy direction, the development of a prosperous circular economy in Victoria will achieve investment, job creation and positive environmental outcomes with reduced emissions. My vision for 2030 is that we no longer talk about waste, we talk about resources. Victorians will be more informed consumers, buying for quality and manufacturing products that last and can be recycled.
Sustainability Victoria CEO, Claire Ferres Miles

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