Funding Victoria’s transition to a circular economy

Published: 19 October 2022

Businesses across the state will be supported to avoid waste and create new commercial opportunities for recycled products thanks to a funding boost from the Victorian Government.

Over $8 million in funding will go to 45 new projects across Victoria to accelerate the state’s transformation toward a circular economy, while also supporting local jobs and industry.

Over 20 projects will receive funding of $4,960,000 through the Circular Economy Markets Fund: Materials to support research institutes, industry and business to develop and commercialise new uses for recycled materials.

Some of the projects to receive funding include a new process for recycling glass from solar panels for reuse in construction projects, and a recycled plastic solution for construction structures that significantly reduces the amount of concrete required.

A further 9 projects will receive over $1.5 million to avoid waste and increase materials efficiency by developing and implementing circular economy business cases through the Circular Economy Business Support Fund. One recipient is introducing a new reusable wine keg service for events that replaces wine bottles to significantly reduce waste.

The Circular Economy Markets Fund: Organics will provide $1.87 million to 14 projects that remove barriers and accelerate the adoption of recycled organic products, including developing a market for compost suitable for use on sporting fields that can be blended with turf to nourish Melbourne’s sporting grounds and public open spaces.

SV’s programs are helping all Victorians move towards a circular, climate resilient and clean economy, underpinned by shared knowledge, innovation, vibrant employment opportunities and a cleaner, greener Victoria for current and future generations to enjoy.