Driving innovation and expanding markets for recycled products

Published: 6 October 2021

On behalf of the Victorian Government, Sustainability Victoria is awarding more than $2.1 million to 10 research institution and industry partner projects. The funded projects will undertake research to develop innovative new products made from recycled glass, paper or cardboard, plastics and tyres – accelerating Victoria’s transition to a circular economy.

The 10 projects will collectively fund 9 new dedicated research roles and partially fund 6 existing positions, enabling industry partners to work with leading researchers in developing new ways to use recycled products.

For the 10 projects, research institutes will collaborate with 20 industry partners, investing more than $2.4 million to build confidence in and demand for recycled materials in Victoria.

Funded projects and recipients

The funded projects and recipients include:

Monash University Institute of Railway Technology (Monash IRT)

Project partners: Yarra Trams, Integrated Recycling, and Advanced Circular Polymer

Funding amount: $300,000

Project description: Research the development of recycled plastic modular elements for tram stop platforms.

RMIT University

Project partners: Enviromesh (Fibrecon) and Citywide

Funding amount: $200,000

Project description: Develop a low-carbon concrete containing pre-treated cardboard waste. This mix-design will be developed for use in multi-unit residential and commercial constructions as a light and efficient precast wall panel system.

Swinburne University of Technology

Project partners: Polyfoam and Frubber

Funding amount: $200,000

Project description: Develop a new process to develop waffle pod spacers and reinforcing products for residential housing slabs made from recycled expanded polystyrene and tyre crumbs.

Other funded projects will undertake product development research to enable recycled glass in road surface treatments, recycled cardboard in roof trusses, and recycled plastics in manufacturing bed frames and mattresses.

One project will develop a new industry standard for uPVC (polyvinyl chloride) recyclate.

Of the 10 projects, 5 projects will enable recycled material products to meet existing Australian standards or government specifications (from Department of Transport and Melbourne Water).

Recycling Victoria

The fund is part of Recycling Victoria’s $30.5 million Recycling Markets Acceleration Program. This program is driving demand for recycled materials across the economy by:

  • supporting the development of innovative new products
  • improving and developing product standards and specifications
  • building market confidence and demand for recycled products and materials
  • developing product information and guidance to support the use of recycled materials in sectors such as manufacturing and construction.

View the full list of recipients.