Recycling Victoria Communities Fund: Examples

Last updated: 9 March 2021

Example – Timelines

Outline the proposed timeline and key milestones for the project, include the organisation responsible. Ensure you consider approvals that may be required from regulatory authorities such as the EPA.

Note: Stream 1 grants must be completed within 12 months of signing the SV funding agreement. Stream 2 grants must be completed within 18 months of signing the SV funding agreement.

The estimated project costs must equal the total expenditure listed in the project cost totals above.

"" Example of timeline and milestones

Example – Budget

Project costs:

The amount requested from SV can be a minimum of $25,000 and up to maximum $250,000 excluding GST.

Co-contribution requirement:

Co-contribution is required at a ratio of $5:1. 100% of the co-contribution can be 'in-kind'. Refer to the definition of financial and in-kind contribution (see Definitions).

Provide an indication of costs for your project, excluding GST. Evidence of costs (e.g. tax invoice/s, financial statement or other evidence as agreed with SV) will be required for the SV funding agreement.

"" Example of budget