Community Power Hubs Pilot Program

Last updated: 16 April 2021

Many Victorians want greater control over their energy and costs, as well as minimising their impact on climate change. A grassroots approach to energy production has already made a big difference in towns and cities across our state.

Victoria’s Community Power Hubs bring communities together to develop locally-owned and cost-effective renewable energy projects.

Three hubs in Ballarat, Bendigo and the Latrobe Valley were developed in 2017 under a 3-year pilot program. The program was designed to trial a new model for the development of funding-ready projects to be supported by community, government or private investors.

The program delivered Victorian communities significant social, environmental and economic value.

Pilot program success

During the first 2-years of the pilot across the 3 hubs, the program:

  • involved the community at the front end of projects
  • completed 15 community energy projects
  • generated more than $14.5 million in value
  • added 1.35MW of renewable energy capacity back to their communities
  • annually reduced carbon emissions by 1839 tonnes of carbon dioxide
  • saved the local project sites $364,000 in annual electricity costs
  • engaged more than 200 businesses and organisations
  • resulted in more than 20,000 connections made in the community
  • featured 114 public events and meetings.

The 3 Community Power Hubs developed a future pipeline of projects to continue to deliver renewable energy and carbon savings in their communities.

For more information about local projects delivered under the pilot program, visit the Community Power Hubs website.

Expanding the program

The pilot program proved an effective way to leverage local interest in renewable energy into tangible community energy projects.

The expanded program hopes to achieve similarly positive results for Victorians and accelerate our transition to a renewable energy future.

As a direct result of the pilot program’s success, the Victorian Government is expanding the Community Power Hubs program to enable local environmental, social and economic benefits to be realised, including cost savings for local communities.

The expanded Community Power Hubs program will provide:

  • a total grant fund of $3.37 million for organisations to work with their communities to implement local renewable energy projects
  • the funding resources needed to undertake the planning, capital raising and delivery stages of community energy projects across Community Power Hub regions
  • the opportunity for local communities to be active participants in planning and decisions around the transition to renewable energy.
The grant process for this program is now closed. The successful applicants will be announced soon, as well as details on how to get in touch with the Community Power Hubs in your region.

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