TAKE2: Victoria's climate change pledge

Taking action on climate change

Since 2016, TAKE2 members have played a significant role in generating momentum around climate action. They collectively account for 20% of Victoria’s carbon footprint. Their pledges have shaped the next steps in Victoria's pathway to combatting climate change.

The Victorian Government has now released its new Climate Change Strategy and interim emissions reduction targets.

This is an exciting time for Victoria, and we invite you to join us in collectively taking action and continuing our momentum on the pathway to a circular, climate-resilient economy and zero emissions by 2050.

Together, we will have the greatest impact in the fight against climate change, but we must act now.

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The TAKE2 Network Achievements

  • Australia’s first state government-led pledge initiative and one of the most comprehensive climate change programs in the world.
  • More than 12,000 Victorians and 1200 organisations pledged to the TAKE2 network.
  • We will cut Victoria's emissions by 20% if every TAKE2 member addresses their carbon footprint.
  • 120,000 pledge actions in Victorian homes, businesses, schools and community organisations.