Online learning videos: Years 1 to 4

Last updated: 10 February 2021

How does biodiversity keep us breathing?

Presenter – Jason Sheehan, CERES

Biodiversity is interconnected between the land and sea. The things we do on land impact life in the oceans, and life in the oceans drives a big part of our planet. This session will focus on how biodiversity in our coastal environments is affected by our choices, and why our coastal environments are so important to our everyday needs.

Curriculum links: Science, Geography, Ethical Capabilities and Critical and Creative Thinking.

Cross-curriculum priorities: Learning about Sustainability.

Organic waste and how to compost

Presenter – Ash Bedford, Grampians Central West Waste and Resource Recovery Group

Learn the basics and benefits of composting! You'll learn what it is and how to do it successfully to have a wider impact on the planet than you might have originally imagined.

Curriculum links: Science, Ethical Capabilities and Creative Thinking

Cross-curriculum priority: Learning about Sustainability

Reducing your energy consumption

Presenter – Sustainability Victoria

We hear the words ‘energy efficiency’ so often, but what does it really mean to be energy efficient and what can you do from home and school?

Join the conversation with Sustainability Victoria energy experts, to learn about the biggest energy consumers, and easy actions you can take today to reduce your energy consumption.

Curriculum links: Science, Economic and Business, and Ethical Capabilities

Cross-curriculum priorities: Learning about Sustainability.

Currently not available, live Q&A only. See timetable for more detail.

Riding the water cycle

Presenter – Alice Rowbottom, Coliban Water

Did you know? There are over 460 water cycle diagrams and only 15% of those diagrams showed any people interacting with the water cycle.

In this session, students will be introduced to the water cycle and learn about our impact as humans. Students will learn about how we can manage and protect water resources with some demonstrations and activities.

Curriculum links: Science

Cross-curriculum priority: Learning about Sustainability