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Last updated: 17 January 2021

Climate change

Presenter – Dominique Dybala, Environment Education Victoria

Climate change basics in Victoria. How will climate change impact our communities? Resources will be shared, and regional innovation examples highlighted.

Clean energy at your school

Presenter – Jane Burns, CERES

Australia needs to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions by accelerating the uptake of renewables and storage. This session will highlight some key ways schools can help to reduce greenhouse gases and link these actions to the curriculum and the wider community.

Melbourne Water – Western Treatment Plant virtual tour

Presenter – Kim O'Hoy, Melbourne Water

3:00–3:30pm Tuesday 23 June: Live Q&A

Join us and experience a virtual tour of the Western Treatment Plant with 360-degree views of sewage treatment ponds, agriculture, heritage as well as internationally significant wetlands.

Learn how the virtual tour can be used in conjunction with resources, available for Year 7–8 Geography students, to explore water in an urban environment.

Curriculum links: Geography and Science

Cross-curriculum priorities: Learning about Sustainability

Why we waste

Presenter – Jason Sheehan, CERES

Humanity is in a constant battle with waste. Our oceans are filled with plastic and the most remote corners of our planet are littered with trash.

There are ways we can eliminate specific waste streams from our lives, and many more to prevent waste from reaching our environment. We will focus on the 5 Rs as a way to slow the waste we produce.