ResourceSmart Schools Core Module

Last updated: 20 July 2022

The Core Module sets the groundwork for each school's sustainability journey.

The Core Module assists to evaluate where each school is and where it wants to get to, and how it will get there. It involves three key areas:

  1. Workplace/operational

    Create a snapshot of how the school is approaching sustainability by gathering baseline data, reviewing curriculum, infrastructure and daily operations and recognising prior achievements and opportunities for improvement. Use this data to plan how to embed sustainability principles throughout the school and to set up a framework to track the school’s progress and achievements.

  2. Learning and teaching

    Create a plan to build sustainability into teaching and learning to embed sustainability into the curriculum.

  3. Whole school community engagement
    Communicate with the school community about the fantastic work and share learnings to demonstrate leadership in sustainability.

Module completion

The Core Module has 17 actions. To complete the module, all 17 actions must be completed. To see the full list of actions, download the Core Module checklist.


ResourceSmart Core Module checklist

18 July 2022 – A list of all actions to help each school through the ResourceSmart Schools program Core Module.

School Environmental Management Plan (SEMP)

18 July 2022 – This template helps schools to develop their SEMP.

Curriculum links: Level F to 6

18 July 2019 – Helping schools to build sustainability into their curriculum in all subject areas from foundation to grade six.

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ResourceSmart Schools Education Team
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