Social and sustainable procurement strategy

Last updated: 15 September 2022

Social procurement is when organisations use their buying power to generate social value above and beyond the value of the goods, services or construction being procured. In April 2018, the Victorian Government released Victoria’s Social Procurement Framework (Framework), clearly signalling the Government’s intentions to better leverage its buying power to deliver improved social, economic and environmental outcomes for Victorians.

Sustainability Victoria (SV) is fully committed to supporting the Government’s directions under the Framework and we recognise that we play a key role in advancing social and sustainable outcomes for Victorians.

SV has developed a Social Procurement Strategy to enable a strategic, agency-wide approach to how we will deliver social and sustainable outcomes through our procurement in accordance with the Framework and beyond.

Based on the work undertaken by SV, the following priority objectives have been identified. They have been chosen based on their high degree of alignment with SV’s strategic direction and values as well as being best positioned to advance our identified social procurement opportunities.

Sustainable Victorian social enterprises and Aboriginal business sectors
Outcome sought: purchasing form Victorian social enterprises and Aboriginal businesses

Women's equality and safety
Outcome sought: Gender equality within Victorian government suppliers

Environmentally sustainable business practices
Outcome sought: adoption of sustainable business practices by suppliers to the Victorian Government

While these priority social and sustainable objectives guide our procurement delivery, SV is committed to pursuing any opportunities to advance social and sustainable outcomes for Victorians.

Supplier guidance

Learn how the Framework is being applied at SV and what suppliers can expect when doing business with SV.