Premier's Sustainability Awards – Award categories and types

Last updated: 14 March 2023

The Premier’s Sustainability Awards categories reflect the current focus of sustainability activity in Victoria and align with global best practice. The 2023 award types and categories are under review and will be made available via this website in March.


  • You agree to the Premier's Sustainability Awards Terms and Conditions.
  • Your entry needs to comply with the category criteria.
  • The majority of demonstrable results must have occurred during 2021-2023, although entries over a longer time scale will be considered if new initiatives or significant differences have occurred between 2021-2023.
  • The entry’s demonstrable activities and results must be within Victoria.
  • The entry deadline is final, there will be no extensions provided.
  • Where the entry is submitted by a consortium, all its entrant organisations should be listed and would be recognised as the direct recipients of the award.
  • If an entry is submitted by a consortium, please provide at least 2, with a maximum of 3, organisations as part of the entry.
  • An initiative can be classified as a specific project, product, program, system, or process implemented that has significantly changed the way things are done. An initiative could also be a social change movement that was brought about by a novel idea.
  • If you or your organisation have entered the Premier’s Sustainability Awards previously, you are welcome to enter again. If your entry is related to a previous entry, new or further actions and results must be provided.

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