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TAKE2 is Victoria’s action to help keep the temperature rise under two degrees.

Victoria’s already feeling the effects of climate change with the weather heating up to record breaking highs and longer bush fire seasons.

Together we can tackle climate change.

So what can I do?

Become one of those thousands of Victorians already making a difference and join TAKE2. It’s simple and it’s free.

The pledge is a promise to help Victoria reach net zero emissions by 2050 and keep the temperature rise under two degrees.

If we all get involved, we can tackle climate change.

What if I have no idea how to help stop climate change?

Once you sign up, you can select from dozens of actions we’ve listed on our website. You may find you’re already doing it in some areas of your life, like washing your clothes in cold water or catching the train to work.

TAKE2 actions

The actions you take can be big or small. You can choose to take one action or many.

TAKE2 actions include:

  • Turning leftovers into new meals
  • Donating or buying items from not-for-profit groups
  • Buying carbon offsets for air travel
  • Installing solar panels at home
  • Riding to work
  • Growing your own food at home.

Downloadable TAKE2 actions information sheet

Download the TAKE2 actions for individuals information sheet (pdf, 579KB).


Once you have signed up and decided what you will do, we will give you a personalised, tailored action plan so you can see your progress.

TAKE2 members also have access to detailed, free information on how to do things like draught seal your home, or make a weekly meal plan and shopping list.

Pledge today and together we can tackle climate change.

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