Business Renewable Centre to build on the work of TAKE2

BRC artwork - wind farms, constellations and solar panels

Sustainability Victoria’s TAKE2 program has supported the newly established Business Renewable Centre Australia as an Australian hub to boost renewable energy uptake.

The newly created Business Renewables Centre is designed to encourage corporations and councils to buy large-scale renewable energy. The $1.7 million project is backed by funding contributions from the Victorian Government (through TAKE2), the New South Wales Government and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

Supporting the Business Renewable Centre Australia is the first major step Sustainability Victoria is taking based on research and modelling undertaken by ClimateWorks Australia.

The research showed that if all the actions committed to via Sustainability Victoria’s TAKE2 program are undertaken, it would be the equivalent of planting over 10.5 million trees, or taking 320,000 cars off the road.

Combined, the carbon footprints of those already involved in TAKE2 account for nearly 20 per cent of Victoria’s overall emissions. If TAKE2 members used their networks to drive climate action, they could address over 40 per cent of Victoria’s emissions.

Transitioning to renewable energy is one of the major ways a business can reduce its carbon footprint. The Business Renewables Centre will include resources and a marketplace platform to help Victorian businesses save money on their annual energy bills and act on climate change.

Participating businesses will have access to independent advice on renewable energy and training sessions run by leading industry experts.

At present, TAKE2 businesses employ more than 400,000 people nationally and service more than 16.5 million customers, with a combined turnover of at least $283 billion across Australia.

The TAKE2 program is a Victorian Government pledge program, currently being delivered by Sustainability Victoria, to help all Victorians reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.