Love Food Hate Waste Business

Love Food Hate Waste is a free short program to help Victorian hospitality venues prevent food waste, reduce costs and increase profits.

The program is open to all Victorian hospitality businesses such as cafes, restaurants, pubs, clubs, hotels and takeaway venues.

Businesses that join the program will receive a Participant Kit including food waste trackers, action plan templates and other tools and resources to help them reduce food waste in their business.

Delivered online via email, business owners, managers and head chefs can follow the simple three-step program over several weeks. The program will help you:

  1. Track your food waste to see where it is really occurring
  2. Identify and take actions to prevent waste before it happens
  3. Measure and share success with staff and customers

The average food business in Victoria throws away more than 100 kilograms of wasted food every week, over half of which could have been prevented. It’s not just a waste of good food and lost profits, it also wastes natural resources and piles up in landfill.

More than 150 Victorian hospitality businesses have already joined the Love Food Hate Waste Business program to start seeing the benefits of reducing food waste.

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Good for business

SaucepanFood waste is generated at many points within a business, from purchasing, storage and preparation to plate waste.

What is lost is not just food and profits, but also purchasing costs, staff time and disposal costs. The true cost of food waste can be much higher than simply the cost to dispose of it.

By preventing food waste before it happens, you can save on unnecessary purchasing costs, increase staff efficiency and increase profit from your food supplies. Love Food Hate Waste will help you overcome common challenges to reducing food waste, such as staff turnover, menu planning and customer preferences.

There are also options for many businesses to divert food waste from going to landfill through donating or composting any unavoidable food waste.

Good for everyone

EggsGood food belongs in bellies not rubbish bins. We all love our food, and yet globally one third of the food we grow for human consumption goes to waste. 

By preventing food waste, you will ensure good food doesn’t end up in landfills and you’ll help conserve natural resources like water, energy and soil that are used to grow, process and transport food. 

Consumers are increasingly demanding businesses adopt sustainable practices and food waste is a great way to show you care.

About Love Food Hate Waste 

Love Food Hate Waste is brought to you by the Victorian Government and delivered by Sustainability Victoria. The program is based on the successful Your Business Is Food program developed by and licensed from the NSW Environment Protection Authority.