Recycled organics market development

Machine moving organic waste from a pileRecycled organic products are produced by processing garden and food wastes collected from homes and businesses across Victoria. Products include composts, soil conditioners and mulches.

Markets for recycled organic products are currently varied in their maturity, stability and degree of penetration. The main market is the urban amenity market (such as landscaping). Future market opportunities exist in agriculture markets, for example vegetables and broad acre cropping, where there is potential for large scale use of recycled organic products.

Building market confidence in recycled organic products will over time increase demand for these products. To achieve this, it is essential that recycled organic products are highly visible within the market, well understood both in their potential uses and long term benefits, and are fit for purpose and of high and consistent quality.

Organics industry development

We are working with Australian Organics Recycling Association, as the peak body in Victoria for recycled organics processors, to achieve a coordinated compost industry that is operating under an agreed and coordinated market development strategy.

Market analysis

Sustainability Victoria commissioned an assessment of the Victorian recycled organics market in 2013. The research provided an analysis of the current Victorian recycled organics market structure and size; and investigation of the barriers to growth of the Victorian recycled organics market, with specific attention to the agricultural sector.

Developing sustainable markets for recycled organics

Sustainability Victoria is working with industry to strengthen and develop markets for recycled organics products.

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Organics Industry Support Program

The Victorian Organics Resource Recovery Strategy recognises that the absence of strong and sustainable end markets is a significant barrier to organic waste and resource recovery in Victoria.

Organics Market Analysis report

Recycled Organics Market Analysis

The purpose of the study was to outline the key features of the recycled organics market and suggesting potential actions to assist market function and development. Particular attention to the use of RO products in the agricultural sector has been provided.

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Product effectiveness

We are collating evidence that shows the appropriateness, applicability and affordability of recycled organic composts, soil conditioners and mulches, and improving the design, execution and consistency of field trials.

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