Victorian Statewide Garbage Bin Audits

Bin audits are undertaken by state and local governments to gain information about what materials are being discarded in garbage, recycling and organics bins. Conducting audits is a widely used means of measuring materials, mostly by weight but also by volume. The data obtained is invaluable in developing actions and programs to address resource recovery and waste management in an informed manner, and enables a comparison over time. 

Sustainability Victoria undertook audits in 2013 to look at food waste, household chemicals and recyclables in detail and the results are provided in the report below. Results are also provided for each of the three categories of materials in separate “At a glance” summaries.

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Victorian Statewide Garbage Bin Audits 2013

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Victorian Statewide Garbage Bin Audits 2013 Word version


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Bin Audit Report: Food waste
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Bin Audit Report: Food waste
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Bin Audit Report: Recyclables
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Bin Audit report: Recyclables
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Bin Audit Report: Household Chemicals
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Bin Audit report: Household chemicals

Kerbside Garbage Composition

In 2008 Sustainability Victoria conducted a one-off audit of the composition of municipal household garbage with four metropolitan Melbourne councils. Sustainability Victoria also reviewed bin audits conducted by metropolitan Melbourne local governments from 2005 to 2007 to supplement these findings.

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Kerbside Garbage Composition Recent Findings