Recovered resources market bulletin

Last updated: 16 September 2022

Victoria is aiming to grow the recovery of resources such as cardboard, glass, metals, paper and plastics, and further increase opportunities for infrastructure investment.

The bulletins feature:

  • an overview of kerbside material flows
  • monthly flows to local and overseas markets
  • current commodity prices
  • commentary on changes to export markets for recyclables
  • implications for kerbside recyclables markets
  • opportunities for and developments by industry, government and others to improve kerbside markets.

About these bulletins

These bi-monthly bulletins are to inform industry, government and the community about waste and resource recovery in Victoria.

Bulletins are produced in partnership with the Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association of Australia. They are written by industry specialists Blue Environment Pty Ltd, Sustainable Resource Use and Industry Edge for Sustainability Victoria and supported by DELWP and EPA. They do not constitute advice or government opinion.

We hope to keep improving the quality and relevance of the bulletins and would appreciate any feedback. Please contact us via email at

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