Guide to preferred standards for kerbside collection in Victoria

Last updated: 31 August 2022

As part of the Optimising Kerbside Collection Systems Project, Sustainability Victoria has developed Optimising Kerbside Collection Systems – A Framework for Greater Consistency in Kerbside Recycling in Victoria.

‘Optimising Kerbside Collection Systems’ offers the opportunity to increase recycling, improve the quality of recycled materials and reduce contamination through a more consistent approach to how we recycle. It is based on three approaches; households to recycle the same core set of materials, consistent bin configurations, and consistent bin colours.

To support the framework, a guide to preferred service standards for kerbside recycling in Victoria, and recycling guidelines have also been developed. These provide a clear and consistent direction for local government in relation to kerbside recycling service standards and performance outcomes, and are supported by key stakeholders from across the sector.

‘Optimising Kerbside Collection Systems’, the guide to preferred service standards, and the recycling guidelines are all underpinned by a supporting evidence and analysis report that demonstrates the significant benefits that greater consistency in kerbside recycling could deliver.


Optimising kerbside collection systems – A framework for greater consistency in kerbside recycling

A guide for greater consistency in kerbside recycling in Victoria, preferred service standards for consideration by councils and provides recycling guidelines to help reduce householder confusion in recycling

Download (pdf, 3.4 MB)

Optimising kerbside collection – Supporting evidence and analysis

This report provides the key supporting evidence and analysis to validate the benefits described in Sustainability Victoria’s Optimising Kerbside Collection System – A Framework for Greater Consistency in Kerbside Recycling in Victoria.

Download (pdf, 4.5 MB)

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