Product information sheets

Last updated: 8 March 2022

The information sheets provide an overview of products containing recycled materials for councils considering their use in infrastructure, landscaping, parks and gardens.

The information sheets include:

  • product details, applications, specifications, standards, benefits and limitations, maintenance and durability
  • product photos
  • questions to ask suppliers for new and existing products on the market to aid decision-making when procuring products or evaluating new products

The information sheets were based on the maturity of the market at the time of publication. While some suppliers have been referenced in the documentation, there are a number of suppliers available in Victoria and Australia.

If your Council is looking for products containing recycled materials, ensure that adequate research is undertaken, and an informed assessment is made based on the products and suppliers available at the time of procurement.

To find suppliers and products visit the Buy Recycled Directory or another product directory, such as some examples found on our service homepage.